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"The GameStop saga showcased community strength against traditional finance. Every degen who invested in the GME stock was dubbed an "APE" by the media and on television... and that's how the term "APE" gained fame in the crypto world. (Click here to read the full story).

Drawing inspiration from this, some apes from reddit and GME decided to code $GME token, a symbol of united community apes against conventional markets.

With the launch of the DumbMoney Movie, X (Twitter) will be swarmed by GME. So, we, the smart apes, will explode in popularity and dominate every connection thanks to this.

Our mission? Gather every ape on Earth, gather all the degens, and level up together. We're here to fuck the system and flip the financial market upside down. Picture this: boasting to your buddy about massive gains from $GME – not from stocks, but on Ethereum. Fuck yes.

With a monkey dev, autistic moderators, a community that only knows the word HODL, the moon is assured. What the fuck are you waiting for? Still reading?"

The above text was the initial call to arms by the self-proclaimed "monkey dev" who indeed turned out to be a subhuman neathanderthal.

As a result, a group of us from the OG community have taken it up on ourselves to revive this with a fresh launch, and going a step further by improving it, this time adopting the 0 tax and Burnt Liquidity model.

We are hoping to do justice to this project, and give those who were abandoned on the first play a second chance.


Total Buy Tax

0% Total Buy


Total Sell Tax

0% Total Sell


Total Supply

100,000,000 Total


Total Security

100% LP


Token Distribution

100% Initial Liquidity Burn
Ownership Renounced


The executive team is composed of entrepreneurs, developers, and political affiliates with a breadth of experience with cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and Web3. We have put together like-minded individuals, bringing together synergistic skill-sets, to provide the consumer with a new and groundbreaking way to safely fund the political organizations that align congruently with your views.


To Avoid The bots from sniping their will be high tax during launch. But that tax will be lowered to 0 as soon as the first wave of marketing get started.

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